What is it like to be born a girl in the body of a boy? To be locked up in a "house" where the resident does not feel at home? What consequences does that have in a person's life? Féj could only come out as a woman after the death of her mother. The complex relationship with her mother forced her to hide her “being different". The search for her "identity", which actually started around the age of seven, was accelerated around the age of thirty. 


Praying is a universal human phenomenon. It can be tied to time or place, is sometimes recorded in rites and highly regulated, or is improvised in a personal capacity. It is spoken out loud or in silence, using sacred texts, refined poetry, or repeated formulas in mantra, litany or rosary. Or it crystallizes in silent contemplation. Spoken, sung, danced, thought - ecstatic or modest - in all it’s forms, prayer is always reaching for the utmost.

Identities - Migration

You come from a country with its own traditions and (un)written rules. Then you, voluntary or forced, end up in a country where everything is different. How do you cope with this? How much do you hold on to your old customs and beliefs? What does it do to you? How much does it change your identity and does identity even exist or is it fiction?


All around Prague there are (ex)change offices advertising with 0% conversion. While in reality they just give you less Tsjech Crowns for your currency. By doing so conversions can get as high as 42%. This is a visual investigation of these tourist traps.


The Moria camp which serves as one of the ‘hot spots’ on the Greek island, Lesvos, started operating in 2014 as a flow-through point for refugees coming to Europe via Turkey after crossing the Aegean Sea by boats. However since the EU-Turkey deal a large number of refugees have been stranded on the island and Moria is now more of their residence than a transit point.


Agbogbloshie (Accra, Ghana) is one of the world's digital dumping grounds. The population consists of economic migrants from Northern and rural parts of Ghana, where living standards are growing worse, causing people to move to urban settings, such as Agbogbloshie.

Carazzas de Otzana

Carazzas de Otzana, translated "Masks of Ottana", is a multimedial story about the carnival in Ottana, Sardinia. A 3 day feast in which the modern life crosses with old traditions. The origin of the feast is from the Nuragic age. An age with rites of ferility and good yields of farms and pastures. The carnival resembles a constant battle between man and animal.